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Georgia Institute of Technology
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New Jersey Institute of Technology
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Rennselaer Polytechnic Institute
Rutgers University - Cancer Institute of New Jersey
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AT&T Labs Research Back to top
    Research Interests: Algorithms; data compression; games.
  • LUND, Carsten
    Research Interests: Algorithms, tools, networking.
Columbia University Back to top
  • AHO, Alfred
    Research Interests: Algorithms, compilers, database systems and programming tools.
  • ANDONI, Alexandr
    Research Interests: Algorithmic foundations of massive data, including sublinear algorithms, high-dimensional geometry, theoretical machine learning
  • BELLOVIN, Steve
    Research Interests: security; networks; privacy; public policy.
    Research Interests: Mathematical Programming; Optimization.
  • BISHOP, Allison
    Research Interests: Cryptography; complexity theory; harmonic analysis; combinatorics; and distributed computing.
  • BLEI, David
    Research Interests: Machine learning, graphical models, bayesian statistics, text analysis.
  • CHAINTREAU, Augustin
    Research Interests: Networked Algorithms; Social Networks; Mobile Computing; Stochastic Networks.
  • CHANG, Shih-Fu
    Research Interests: Multimedia, computer vision; machine learning; information retrieval; signal processing.
  • CHEN, Xi
    Research Interests: Algorithmic Game Theory and Economics; Complexity Theory.
  • COFFMAN, Edward
    Research Interests: Combinatorial scheduling and packing theory; probabilistic analysis of algorithms; stochastic modeling; stochastic optimization.
  • FAENZA, Yuri
    Research Interests: Discrete Optimization, Combinatorial Optimization, Integer and Mathematical Programming, Operations Research, Polyhedral Combinatorics.
    Research Interests: Mathematical Programming; Optimization; Finance/Financial Engineering; Machine Learning.
  • GOYAL, Vineet
    Research Interests: Dynamic optimization; decision making under uncertainty; pricing and revenue management.
  • HSU, Daniel
    Research Interests: Algorithmic statistics; machine learning; privacy.
  • IYENGAR, Garud
    Research Interests: Finance/Financial Engineering; Machine Learning; Optimization; Systemic Risk.
  • JEBARA, Tony
    Research Interests: Machine Learning; Vision; Graph Algorithms; Spatio-Temporal Data.
  • MALKIN, Tal
    Research Interests: cryptography; complexity theory; security; randomized algorithms.
    Research Interests: Network topologies, network protocols, multicasting, privacy, document marking, packet radio.
  • MISRA, Vishal
    Research Interests: Networking, with particular attention to net neutrality and the economics of the Internet; modeling and performance evaluation; information theory.
  • MITRA, Debasis
    Research Interests: Stochastic traffic engineering, network economics, and network revenue management
    Research Interests: Design, analysis, applications, and limitations of algorithms; Game theory and microeconomics, especially as applied to networks, auctions, and cryptocurrencies
  • RUBENSTEIN, Daniel
    Research Interests: Computer networks; Network Robustness and Security; Multimedia networking; Performance Evaluation; Algorithms.
  • SCHULZRINNE, Henning
    Research Interests: Computer networks; multimedia systems; mobile and wireless systems; ubiquitous and pervasive computing.
  • SERVEDIO, Rocco
    Research Interests: Computational learning theory; computational complexity theory and the role of randomness in computation.
  • STEIN, Cliff
    Research Interests: Design and analysis of algorithms; combinatorial optimization; operations research; network algorithms; scheduling; algorithm engineering; and computational biology.
  • WHITT, Ward
    Research Interests: Queueing theory, performance analysis, stochastic models of telecommunication systems, numerical transform inversion
  • WIGGINS, Chris
    Research Interests: Machine learning; statistics; computational biology; applied mathematics; theoretical physics.
  • YANNAKAKIS, Mihalis
    Research Interests: Algorithms; complexity; databases; testing.
  • YAO, David
    Research Interests: Applied Probability; Optimization; Risk Management; Stochastic Systems.
Georgia Institute of Technology Back to top
  • DEMILLO, Richard
    Research Interests: Software reliability; security.
  • KOLESNIKOV, Vladimir
    Research Interests: Cryptography (theoretical and applied), communication and network security, distributed algorithms.
  • LIPTON, Richard
    Research Interests: Algorithms, architecture; complexity; VLSI.
  • MIHAIL, Milena
    Research Interests: Randomized algorithms, Markov Chain Monte Carlo methods, algorithms and models for the Internet, the WWW, peer-to-peer networks and other complex networks.
  • RANDALL, Dana
    Research Interests: Randomized algorithms, Markov chain Monte Carlo, computational problems from statistical physics, combinatorics
  • TETALI, Prasad
    Research Interests: Discrete math and theory of computing, including probability, combinatorics, number theory and randomized algorithms.
  • TROTTER, Tom
    Research Interests: Combinatorics and graph theory with emphasis on extremal problems for discrete structures (with special interests in finite partially ordered sets), on-line algorithms, approximation algorithms, ramsey theory, discrete geometry, and discrete optimization.
  • VEMPALA, Santosh
    Research Interests: Computer science and systems
  • VIGODA, Eric
    Research Interests: Randomized algorithms, stochastic Processes (especially Markov Chain Monte Carlo), statistical physics.
IBM Research Back to top
  • ABE, Naoki
    Research Interests: Machine learning, data science and applications
  • APTE, Chidanand (Chid)
    Research Interests: Data science and predictive analytics.
  • BARAHONA, Francisco
    Research Interests: Combinatorial Optimization, Integer programming, Mathematical programming.
  • BENHAMOUDA, Fabrice
    Research Interests: Cryptography and computer security
    Research Interests: Algorithms and data structures, especially for geometric or matrix problems.
  • DASH, Sanjeeb
    Research Interests: Discrete Optimization; Integer Programming; Linear and Semidefinite Optimization; Polynomial Optimization; Mathematical Programming software.
  • FAGIN, Ronald
    Research Interests: Applications of logic to computer science; Database theory;Finite model theory; Rank and score aggregation; Reasoning about knowledge.
  • GENTRY, Craig
    Research Interests: Cryptography, complexity, combinatorics, coding theory, quantum computation
  • HALEVI, Shai
    Research Interests: Cryptography and computer security
  • HO, Tin Kam
    Research Interests: Pattern recognition, data mining, interactive data visualization, modeling and simulation of complex systems, natural language understanding, and artificial intelligence.
  • HORESH, Lior
    Research Interests: optimization; numerical analysis; partial differential equations; inverse problems; simulation; machine learning; optimal experimental design; model mis-specification correction; neuroscience
  • HORESH, Raya
    Research Interests: Large scale non-linear optimization, PDE constrained optimization, inverse problems, numerical analysis
  • JUTLA, Charanjit
    Research Interests: Cryptography, complexity theory, coding theory and mathematical logic
  • KALAGNANAM, Jayant
    Research Interests: Decision support, optimization, economics and their applications to electronic commerce and production planning and scheduling.
  • KOLAITIS, Phokion
    Research Interests: Logic in computer science, principles of database systems, computational complexity
  • KRAWCZYK, Hugo
    Research Interests: Cryptography, information security
  • LOZANO, Aurelie
    Research Interests: Research interests include machine learning, statistics and optimization for high-dimensional data analysis, with applications to computational biology, environmental sciences, and social good problems.
  • LU, Yingdong
    Research Interests: Stochastic processes, probabilistic analysis of large scale systems and algorithms.
  • MEGIDDO, Nimrod
    Research Interests: Game theory
  • NANNICINI, Giacomo
    Research Interests: Mathematical programming, operations research, computational optimization.
  • PARIDA, Laxmi
    Research Interests: Computational biology and informatics, computer vision, geometric computing, design and analysis algorithms
  • RABIN, Tal
    Research Interests: Cryptography and network security
    Research Interests: Stochastic processes; probability theory; stochastic optimization; stochastic control; mathematical statistics; algorithms; decision making and reasoning under uncertainty.
  • STOLOVITZKY, Gustavo
    Research Interests: Computational and systems biology, Reverse engineering biological circuits, biological networks, dynamical systems, statistical physics, probability theory
  • THATHACHAR, T.S. Jayram
    Research Interests: Computational complexity, communication complexity and information theory, data streams, sketching, online algorithms, optimization under uncertainty, probabilistic databases.
Microsoft Research Back to top
  • ROETTELER, Martin
    Research Interests: Quantum algorithms; Quantum error-correction; Quantum circuits; and digital signal processing.
    Research Interests: Theoretical and applied machine learning, with particular focus on boosting, online learning, game theory, and maximum entropy.
  • SEN, Siddhartha
    Research Interests: Distributed systems; machine learning systems; data structures and algorithms.
  • SLIVKINS, Alex
    Research Interests: Algorithms and theoretical computer science, spanning learning theory, algorithmic economics, and networks
    Research Interests: Algorithmic economics; elicitation and aggregation of information; preferences, and beliefs; machine learning; crowdsourcing and human computation; mathematical foundations of social computing.
New Jersey Institute of Technology Back to top
  • BADER, David
    Research Interests: High-performance computing and real-world applications, including cybersecurity, massive-scale analytics, and computational genomics.
  • BASU ROY, Senjuti
    Research Interests: Search, navigation and analytics over big data, crowdsourcing, health informatics, graph mining, and social network analysis
  • BORCEA, Cristian
    Research Interests: Mobile computing & sensing; vehicular computing & networks; cloud & distributed systems, and computational advertising
  • CALVIN, James M.
    Research Interests: Global optimization, multi-objective optimization, information-based complexity
  • CURTMOLA, Reza
    Research Interests: Cybersecurity
  • DING, Xiaoning
    Research Interests: Computer Systems, Cloud Computing and Distributed Computing, Database Systems, and Computer Architecture
  • GELLER, James
    Research Interests: Medical Informatics, Medical Ontologies, Diversity in Computing
  • KOUTIS, Ioannis
    Research Interests: Spectral Graph Theory, Exact and Parameterized Algorithms
  • LI, Jing
    Research Interests: Scheduling theory, parallel computing, real-time systems, design and analysis of cyber-physical systems and autonomous systems
  • MILI, Ali
    Research Interests: Software engineering
  • MUSIALSKI, Przem
  • PHAN, Hai
    Research Interests: Privacy and Security, Deep Learning, AI, Big Data, Health Informatics, and Social Network
  • SCHIEBER, Baruch
    Research Interests: Efficiency of computation, in particular: design and analysis of efficient algorithms, combinatorial optimization, parallel and distributed computation, complexity theory
  • SHARMA, Shantanu
    Research Interests: Databases, secure data processing, data privacy, smart and secure IoT systems, blockchain, and ML for databases
  • SHIH, Frank
    Research Interests: Image Processing, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Pattern Recognition, Big Data, Data Security, Biomedical Image Processing
  • WANG, Grace Guiling
    Research Interests: Deep Learning, Blockchain Technologies, IoT, Financial Computing
  • WANG, David
    Research Interests: Software engineering (e.g., bug detection and prediction, automated program repair, software analytics, code representation), program analysis, network science, AI, and service-oriented computing
  • WANG, Jason
    Research Interests: Data mining and machine learning with applications to astrophysics and bioinformatics, cyberinfrastructure
  • WEI, Zhi
    Research Interests: Data Mining, Statistical Modelling and Machine Learning with applications to data enriched fields
  • WEI, Hua
    Research Interests: Reinforcement learning, data mining, urban computing
  • WU, Chase
    Research Interests: Big data, parallel and distributed computing, computer networks, high-performance networking, green computing and networking, sensor networks, scientific visualization, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity
  • XU, Pan
    Research Interests: Algorithm design and analysis; data mining; stochastic optimization; artificial intelligence
  • YE, Xinyue
    Research Interests: Machine learning, data science, geographic information science, urban computing
Nokia Bell Labs Back to top
  • ANDREWS, Matthew
    Research Interests: Simulators for disk drive scheduling and ATM private network-network interface routing.
  • ASHIKHMIN, Alexei
    Research Interests: Coding Theory, Information Theory, Combinatorics, Quantum Information Theory
  • BORST, Sem C.
    Research Interests: Performance evaluation, queueing theory, resource allocation, stochastic networks,wireless communications
  • JALALI, Shirin
    Research Interests: Information theory, statistical signal processing, machine learning.
  • KODIALAM, Murali
    Research Interests: Algorithms, Network Optimization., Machine Learning for Networking Applications
  • KUSHNIR, Dan
    Research Interests: Data Mining, Machine Learning, Numerical Analysis, and Applied Harmonic Analysis.
    Research Interests: Network design and optimization, traffic engineering, network performance, traffic models, resource allocation for software-defined networks and network function virtualization, machine learning applications in networking.
  • LLORCA, Jaime
  • MOHAJERI, Atefeh
  • NAMJOSHI, Kedar
    Research Interests: Programming methodology, concurrency semantics, program analysis and verification methods, specification logics
  • NITHI, Karun
    Research Interests: Big Data Analytics; Deep Learning for Image, Text analysis, and non-linear feature extractions for classification systems; Application of graph computations for data analysis and similarity ratings; Wireless network data analysis; GPU algorithms for massive data analysis and graph computations.
  • NUZMAN, Carl
    Research Interests: Probability, optimization, and dynamical systems; applications to optical networking, optical devices, micro electro-mechanical systems, power control, traffic modeling, and digital subscriber line systems.
  • SANIEE, Iraj
    Research Interests: Network design, distributed optimization; performance optimization of communications systems.
  • TULINO, Antonia
    Research Interests: Information theory, communication theory, combinatorics, networks, coding, modulation, synchronization.
  • WHITE, Christopher
    Research Interests: Theoretical quantum chemistry, Communications devices and systems, Numerical methods and simulation, Electromagnetics and optics.
  • WILFONG, Gordon
    Research Interests: Networking, protocol analysis, game theory and graph edge coloring.
  • YU, Chun-Nam
    Research Interests: machine learning, kernel methods, structured output learning, optimization, statistics, deep learning
  • ZHANG, Lisa
    Research Interests: Design, analysis and implementation of algorithms.
Perspecta Labs Back to top
  • DI CRESCENZO, Giovanni
    Research Interests: Cryptography; security; computational complexity;mathematical finance.
  • EIGER, Martin
    Research Interests: Telecommunications network planning and engineering; optimization; scheduling algorithms.
  • NARAIN, Sanjai
    Research Interests: Network security, symbolic logic, programming languages, logic programming
    Research Interests: Discrete optimization.
  • VAN DEN BERG, Eric
Princeton University - Computer Science Back to top
  • ARORA, Sanjeev
    Research Interests: Complexity theory; probabilistically checkable proofs; approximation algorithms; computational uses of randomness.
    Research Interests: Complexity theory, algorithms, game theory, machine learning, and applications of computer science in healthcare and medicine.
  • CHAZELLE, Bernard
    Research Interests: Sublinear algorithms; computational geometry; data structures.
  • DOBKIN, David
    Research Interests: Graphics; analysis of algorithms; geometry.
  • DVIR, Zeev
    Research Interests: Computational complexity, pseudo-randomness, coding theory and discrete mathematics.
  • LAPAUGH, Andrea
    Research Interests: Information search; combinatorial algorithms; data mining.
  • REXFORD, Jennifer
    Research Interests: Network protocols, network measurement, and network management
  • SEDGEWICK, Robert
    Research Interests: Analysis of algorithms; algorithm visualization.
  • SINGH, Jaswinder
    Research Interests: Parallel computing applications and systems; computational biology.
  • SINGH, Mona
    Research Interests: Computational molecular biology and its interface with machine learning and algorithms.
    Research Interests: Computing with particles; economic simulation; computer music.
  • TARJAN, Robert
    Research Interests: Data structures; graph algorithms; complexity.
    Research Interests: Bioinformatics and genomics, bridging Computer Science and Molecular Biology.
  • WEINBERG, Matt
    Research Interests: Algorithmic Mechanism Design, Algorithmic Game Theory, Algorithms Under Uncertainty, and Theoretical Computer Science
Princeton University - Mathematics Back to top
  • NAOR, Assaf
    Research Interests: Analysis; probablility; convex geometry; linear and non-linear geometric Banach space theory; structure theory of discrete metric spaces; applications of the previous to theoretical computer science, combinatorics and mathematical physics
  • SARNAK, Peter
    Research Interests: Data structures; graph algorithms.
  • SEYMOUR, Paul
    Research Interests: Graph theory.
Princeton University - Operations Research Back to top
  • POWELL, Warren
    Research Interests: Stochastic optimization, and in particular approximate dynamic programming, and their application to a broad range of stochastic resource allocation problems spanning military and civilian applications from transportation and logistics to social services. Within this setting, research interests include methods for optimal learning, convergence analysis of algorithms, semi-cooperative behavior over networks and knowledge networks.
  • VANDERBEI, Robert J.
    Research Interests: Optimization.
Princeton University - Other Back to top
  • LEVIN, Simon Asher
    Research Interests: Modeling of ecological systems; dynamics of populations and communities; spatial heterogeneity and problem of scale; evolutionary, mathematical and theoretical ecology.
Rennselaer Polytechnic Institute Back to top
    Research Interests: Algorithms and theoretical computer science, especially issues at the intersection of economics and computation.
  • ERICKSON, John
    Research Interests: Policy-based digital asset management, digital object repository architectures, distributed architectures for long-term preservation, digital rights management
  • GOLDBERG, Mark K.
    Research Interests: Algorithms; graph theory; social networks
  • LIRONG, Xia
    Research Interests: Artificial intelligence, machine learning, multi-agent systems, decision-making under uncertainty, algorithm design, social choice theory, game theory, mechanism design, prediction markets, preference learning, diffential privacy, blockchain
  • WALLACE, William
    Research Interests: Trust in electronic media; dynamic social networks; ethical decision making emergency management for extreme events
Rutgers University - Cancer Institute of New Jersey Back to top Rutgers University - Computer Science Back to top
  • ABELLO, James
    Research Interests: Discrete and computational geometry and applications; very large graph theory; visualization and animation.
  • ALLENDER, Eric
    Research Interests: Computational complexity theory.
  • ASSADI, Sepehr
    Research Interests: Theory of computing, algorithms, sublinear algorithms and lower bounds, combinatorial optimization
  • AWASTHI, Pranjal
    Research Interests: Machine learning and theoretical computer science
  • BEKRIS, Kostas
    Research Interests: Robotics, motion planning, computer vision, machine learning, artificial intelligence
  • BERNSTEIN, Aaron
    Research Interests: Design and analysis of algorithms, including sublinear algorithms for processing large inputs (e.g. streaming, parallel), dynamic graph algorithms, online algorithms, distributed algorithms, fault-tolerant algorithms, and approximation algorithms
  • BORGIDA, Alexander
    Research Interests: Knowledge representation and reasoning (description logics; knowledge import; similarity; explanation); conceptual modeling, esp. for requirements specification, and database design and integration.
    Research Interests: Algorithms; computational molecular biology.
  • FREDMAN, Michael
    Research Interests: Data structures and algorithms; computational complexity.
  • GAO, Jie
    Research Interests: Algorithms, Wireless Networks, Social Networks, Computational Geometry
  • KALANTARI, Bahman
    Research Interests: Mathematical programming; matrix scaling; polynomial root-finding; polynomiography; art.
  • KAPADIA, Mubbasir
    Research Interests: Autonomous Virtual Humans, Human Crowd Modeling, Crowd-Aware Computer- Aided Environment Design, Computational Narrative, Serious Games
  • METAXAS, Dimitris
    Research Interests: Human shape and motion estimation, human activity monitoring and recognition, medical image analysis,and modeling, biosensors, Physics-based modeling and simulation, computer animation, applications to homeland security.
  • MINSKY, Naftaly
    Research Interests: Coordination and control in large, open, and distributed systems
    Research Interests: Algorithms for massive data streams.
  • NATH, Badri
    Research Interests: Mobile wireless computing, sensor networks designing services for wireless networks.
  • STEIGER, William
    Research Interests: Discrete and computational geometry; probability; algs and data structures.
  • SZEGEDY, Mario
    Research Interests: Algorithms and complexity; combinatorics; quantum computing
  • SZEMEREDI, Endre
    Research Interests: Number theory; extremal graphs; theoretical computer science.
Rutgers University - DIMACS Back to top
  • CARPENTER, Tamra
    Research Interests: Optimization and its applications, decision-making under uncertainty, education in computational thinking.
  • COZZENS, Margaret
    Research Interests: Discrete mathematical modeling, graph theory, game theory, mathematical psychology, network vulnerability, operations research, technology, mathematics and science education
  • EGAN, Dennis
    Research Interests: Data Analytics, Data Analysis, First Responder Technologies, First Responder Training, Human-Computer Interaction, Cognitive Science.
  • GALLOS, Lazaros
    Research Interests: Complex networks, online interactions, epidemic spreading, complex systems.
  • NELSON, Christie
    Research Interests: Operations Research, Optimization, Linear Programming, Resource Allocation, Machine Learning, Text Mining, Analytics, Security Metrics, Stadium Security Patron Screening, walk-through metal detectors, data analysis and cleaning.
  • NESS, Linda
    Research Interests: Theory, algorithms, and methodologies for representing, fusing, visualizing, and analyzing data and applications of these to real data sets, complex systems and real-world problems in multiple domain areas; Techniques for automated generation of features grounded in theories for use in machine learning and decision making; Statistics, Mathematics (especially geometry including algebraic and differential geometry), Data science, Computer science; Inter-disciplinary collaborations.
  • PENNOCK, David
    Research Interests: Electronic commerce, artificial intelligence, information markets, auctions, Internet modeling/analysis, recommender systems, machine learning, decision theory, uncertain reasoning, decentralized coordination
  • ROBERTS, Fred S.
    Research Interests: Mathematical models in the biological, social, behavioral, and environmental sciences and of problems of communications, information, and transportation; applications of the mathematical sciences to homeland security; graph theory and combinatorics; measurement theory; utility, decisionmaking, and social choice; mathematics education.
Rutgers University - Electrical and Computer Engineering Back to top
  • BAJWA, Waheed U.
    Research Interests: High-dimensional inference and inverse problems, geometrical methods for "big data" analytics, sampling theory, statistical signal processing, machine learning, wireless communications, and applications in biological sciences, complex networked systems, and radar & image processing.
  • CHEN, Yingying
    Research Interests: Mobile Healthcare, Internet of Things (IoT), Cyber Security and Privacy, Connected Vehicles, Mobile Computing and Sensing.
  • DANA, Kristin
    Research Interests: Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning, Convex Optimization, Novel Cameras, Camera Networks, Computer Graphics, Robotics, Computational Photography, Optics.
  • EL ROUAYHEB, Salim
    Research Interests: Information theoretic security in distributed systems; Private information retrieval and search; Secure machine learning algorithms; Data synchronization in distributed systems
  • GRUTESER, Marco
    Research Interests: Location-aware systems; Pervasive computing; systems; Privacy and security; Mobile networking; Sensor networks; Performance evaluation.
  • LINDQVIST, Janne
    Research Interests: My long-term research interests are in cybersecurity and human-centered computing, particularly 1) in solving important societal problems by applying soft nudges to human behavior using computer systems, and 2) in usable security for mobile systems and pervasive computing.
    Research Interests: High-Performance Computing; Machine Learning; Numerical Analysis; Data Mining; Scientific Computing; Computational Biology; Compilers.
    Research Interests: Cognitive Radio Networks and Spectrum Policy; Radio Resource Management; Network Coding for Wireless Networks.
  • SARWATE, Anand
    Research Interests: Distributed optimization and signal processing, machine learning and statistics, information theory, and privacy-preserving data analysis.
  • SOLJANIN, Emina
    Research Interests: Coding and information theory, symbolic dynamics, mathematics of telecommunication systems.
  • SPASOJEVIC, Predrag
    Research Interests: Communication and Information Theory, Coding and Sequence Theory, Signal Processing and Representation, Cellular and Wireless LAN Systems, Adhoc and Sensor Networks.
  • TRAPPE, Wade
    Research Interests: Multimedia Security; Wireless Security; Wireless Networking; Cryptography.
  • YATES, Roy
    Research Interests: Resource Management in Wireless Systems; Dynamic Spectrum Access and Spectrum Regulation; Information Theory for Wireless Networks; Future Internet Architectures.
  • ZONOUZ, Saman Aliari
    Research Interests: Security and Privacy; Cyber-Physical Systems; Intrusion Detection and Responce; Embedded and Operating Systems Security; Reverse Engineering and Malware Analysis; Trustworthy Power-Grid Critical Infrastructures.
Rutgers University - Mathematics Back to top
  • BECK, Jozsef
    Research Interests: Combinatorics; combinatorial games; number theory.
  • BUMBY, Richard
    Research Interests: Number theory.
  • CARBONE, Lisa J.
    Research Interests: Geometric group theory, discrete groups, group actions on trees, combinatorics for problems in algebra, algebra, Kac-Moody groups.
  • CHERLIN, Gregory
    Research Interests: Logic; model theory; model theoretic algebra.
  • CUELLO, William
  • GINDIKIN, Simon
    Research Interests: Theory of representations; integral geometry; several complex variables; mathematical physics; molecular biology problems.
  • GREENFIELD, Stephen
    Research Interests: Complex analysis, partial differential equations, cryptography, mathematics education.
  • KAHN, Jeffry
    Research Interests: Discrete mathematics, probability, geometry and computer science.
  • KOMLOS, Janos
    Research Interests: Combinatorics; probability; theoretical computer science.
  • LEBOWITZ, Joel
    Research Interests: Statistical mechanics of equilibrium and nonequilibrium processes; discrete and continuous time stochastic particle systems; computer simulation of statistical mechanical model systems; foundations of statistical mechanics.
  • LUO, Feng
    Research Interests: Combinatorial optimization in geometry, low-dimensional topology and geometry, and polyhedral geometry
  • LYONS, Richard
    Research Interests: Finite simple groups.
  • MISCHAIKOW, Konstantin
    Research Interests: Topological methods for the analysis of dynamical systems; computational topology and dynamics; mathematical biology
  • RETAKH, Vladimir
    Research Interests: Noncommutative algebra and combinatorics, special functions and differential equations, homological algebra and algebraic topology, mathematics education
  • ROSENSTEIN, Joseph G.
    Research Interests: Mathematics education; linear orderings; recursive model theory.
  • SAKS, Michael
    Research Interests: Computational complexity; algorithms; extremal set theory; partially ordered sets.
  • SHELAH, Saharon
    Research Interests: Logic; model theory.
  • SOFFER, Avraham
    Research Interests: Mathematical physics, quantum dynamics of many body systems and environment effects; analysis in probability; limit theorems; nonlinear dynamics and scattering.
  • THOMAS, Simon
    Research Interests: Set theory, model theory; infinite groups.
    Research Interests: Commutative algebra and computational algebra.
    Research Interests: Enumerative and algebraic combinatorics, computerized proofs of identities, experimental mathematics.
Rutgers University - Other Back to top
  • AXELROD, David
    Research Interests: Cellular and molecular oncology; tumor cell heterogeneity; tumor progression; cell population dynamics; computer-aided diagnosis of human breast cancer by image cytometry.
    Research Interests: Stochastic processes, Markov decision processes (MDPs), stochastic games, and their application to stochastic modeling and control of networks and production / inventory systems
  • ELSAYED, Elsayed A.
    Research Interests: Quality and reliability engineering, sensors and production planning and control.
  • GOLDIN, Gerald
    Research Interests: Mathematical physics; lie theory; mathematics education; psychology of problem solving.
  • JEONG, Myong K.
    Research Interests: Data mining, optimization methods for machine learning, computational statistics, chemometrics, and advanced data analysis.
  • KANTOR, Paul B.
    Research Interests: Information retrieval and filtering systems and evaluation; security- related issues distributed detection and decision; quantum computation; the networked information environment and the value of information.
  • KOGAN, Alexander
    Research Interests: Boolean functions; discrete optimization; artificial intelligence.
  • MAMMONE, Richard
    Research Interests: The development of methods of signal analysis , computational models and pattern recognition algorithms used for the identification of people (Biometrics) ,chemicals (Chemometrics) and temporal spatial events (object recognition and tracking from video imagery).
  • MELAMED, Benjamin
    Research Interests: System modeling and performance evaluation (mainly for telecommunications systems, supply chain management and homeland security operations); analytical and simulation modeling methodologies; hybrid simulation (discrete and fluid-flow transactions) and IPA (infinitesimal perturbation analysis); stochastic processes and time series; visual interactive environments for modeling and decision support
  • OLSON, Wilma
    Research Interests: Theoretical and computational studies of the relationship of chemical architecture to the conformation, properties, and interactions of biological macromolecules, with major emphasis on nucleic acids.
    Research Interests: Foundations of Computing, Randomness, Cryptography, Machine Learning, and their intersection with Big Data
  • XIONG, Hui
    Research Interests: Data mining, statistical computing, geographic information systems, biomedical informatics, and information security.
Rutgers University - RUTCOR/Rutgers Business School Back to top
  • ALIZADEH, Farid
    Research Interests: Convex optimization, combinatorial optimization, statistical learning theory.
    Research Interests: Matrix theory; convexity and optimization; mathematical programming; mathematical economics.
  • BOROS, Endre
    Research Interests: Discrete and combinatorial optimization; finite geometries.
  • ECKSTEIN, Jonathan
    Research Interests: Integer programming, linear programming, nonlinear programming, operations research, operations management, application of operations research techniques to managing information systems. Applications of convex analysis.
  • GURVICH, Vladimir
    Research Interests: Complexity of generating problems in combinatorics; game theory: Nash equilibrium, positional games; graph theory: edge and vertex coloring, perfect graphs
  • KATEHAKIS, Michael
    Research Interests: Operations Research and Management Science, Business Analytics, Dynamic Programming, Adaptive Methods, Supply-Chain Optimization, Optimization.
  • RUSZCZYNSKI, Andrzej
    Research Interests: Operations research, management science, stochastic programming, financial optimization, risk.
  • UPADHYAY, Jalaj
    Research Interests: privacy preserving data analysis, randomized numerical linear algebra
Rutgers University - Statistics Back to top
  • CHEN, Rong
    Research Interests: Nonlinear and nonparametric time series analysis, Monte Carlo methods, massive data set, statistical applications to finance, business and bioinformatics
  • GUNDY, Richard
    Research Interests: Harmonic analysis, wavelets, probabilistic methods in analysis.
  • HOOVER, Donald
    Research Interests: Longitudinal methods, infectious disease epidemiology, clustered randomization and multiple comparisons.
  • HUNG, Ying
    Research Interests: Experimental design, computer experiments
  • KOLASSA, John
    Research Interests: Saddlepoint approximation techniques and their applications to biostatistical inference, and combinatoric techniques in statistics.
  • LIU, Regina
    Research Interests: Resampling methods, nonparametric statistics, robust statistics, text mining, data depth, statistical quality control.
  • NAUS, Joseph
    Research Interests: Probabilistic and statistical approaches to looking for unusual clustering of patterns within DNA and protein sequences, and measuring the unusulaness of matching of patterns between multiple DNA sequences. Statistical approaches to data editing, survey sampling, and applied statistics.
  • STRAWDERMAN, William
    Research Interests: Decision theory, Multiparameter estimation, Bayesian Statistics.
  • TAN, Zhiqiang
    Research Interests: Nonparametric and semiparametric statistics, causal inference, missing data problems, survey sampling, Monte Carlo integration.
  • WANG, Guanyang
    Research Interests: Markov chain Monte Carlo, Machine Learning, Probability
  • XIAO, Han
    Research Interests: Nonstationary time series, high-dimensional data analysis, algebraic statistics, random matrix theory.
  • XIE, Minge
    Research Interests: Statistical methodologies, model developments and theories, with applications in bio-medical sciences, social sciences, industry, and environmental sciences.
Stevens Institute of Technology Back to top
  • COMPAGNONI, Adriana
    Research Interests: Language-based security, secure information flow analysis, mobile access control, and concurrency.
  • GILMAN, Robert
    Research Interests: Group theory
  • KLAPPHOLZ, David
    Research Interests: Developing a concept inventory for discrete mathematics; CS education research.
  • LI, Yi
    Research Interests: Differential equations, applied math, mathematical biology, numerical computations.
  • MIASNIKOV, Alexei
    Research Interests: Algebra, theoretical computer science, cryptography
  • NAUMANN, David
    Research Interests: Semantics and verification, formal methods and security
  • NICOLOSI, Antonio R.
    Research Interests: Cryptography; Security and privacy in distributed systems; Lattices and decoding algorithms
    Research Interests: Network & distributed system security; mobile & enterprise security; applied cryptography & secure protocol design.
  • WANG, Wendy Hui
    Research Interests: Database security and privacy, semi-structured database, data mining
  • WETZEL, Susanne
    Research Interests: Cryptography, network security, biometrics
Other Back to top
  • ALUR, Rajeev
    Organization: University of Pennsylvania
    Research Interests: Foundations for modeling and verification of embedded systems, distributed computing, logic and automata theory.
  • AMDEBERHAN, Tewodros
    Organization: Tulane University
    Research Interests: Combinatorics, Number Theory, Special Functions, Partial Differential Equations, Computer Algebra, Algorithmic Proof Theory, Harmonic Analysis.
  • APPLEGATE, David
    Organization: Google
    Research Interests: Large-scale combinatorial optimization problems, in particular focusing on network design and optimization, and on the traveling salesman problem.
  • ARCHER, Aaron
    Organization: Google
    Research Interests: Discrete (combinatorial) optimization and algorithmic game theory: approximation algorithms, algorithmic mechanism design, graph algorithms, network flows, online algorithms, and applications of combinatorial optimization in other fields, such as facility location problems, vehicle routing, and graph partitioning problems motivated by machine vision and web applications.
  • BARG, Alexander
    Organization: University of Maryland
    Research Interests: Coding theory; combinatorics; finite algebra; computer science.
    Organization: University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
    Research Interests: Probability theory and applications; mathematical economics and operations research; singularities, low-dimenstional topology; dynamical systems
  • BENTLEY, Jon
    Research Interests: Experimental algorithms.
  • BERRY, Jonathan
    Organization: Sandia National Laboratories
    Research Interests: Experimental algorithmics, software systems for discrete mathematics.
  • BHATT, Sandeep
    Organization: HP Labs (retired)
    Research Interests: Enterprise security management, algorithms.
  • BOMBIERI, Enrico
    Organization: Institute for Advanced Study
    Research Interests: Number Theory.
  • BORGS, Christian
    Organization: University of California, Berkeley
    Research Interests: Graph theory and networks, phase transitions in combinatorial optimization, game theoretic models.
  • BUCHSBAUM, Adam L.
    Organization: Lion Cave Capital, LLC
    Research Interests: Algorithms; data structures; financial trading; graph problems; massive data sets; compression; combinatorics.
  • CALDERBANK, Robert
    Organization: Duke University
    Research Interests: Coding theory.
    Organization: University of Arkansas
    Research Interests: Optimization, data mining, biomedical applications, brain research and other complex systens
  • CHARIKAR, Moses
    Organization: Stanford University
    Research Interests: Design and analysis of algorithms, with an emphasis on approximation and on-line algorithms. Combinatorial optimization, network design, scheduling, clustering, information retrieval and data mining.
  • CHAYES, Jennifer
    Organization: University of California, Berkeley
    Research Interests: Graph theory and networks, phase transitions in combinatorial optimization, game theory and auction algorithms.
  • CHEKURI, Chandra
    Organization: University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
    Research Interests: Algorithms, combinatorial optimization, approximation algorithms, scheduling.
  • CHUNG, Fan
    Organization: University of California, San Diego
    Research Interests: Spectral graph theory, discrete geometry, algorithmic design, parallel computation, software reliability, communication systems, and internet computing.
  • CHVATAL, Vasek
    Organization: Concordia University
    Research Interests: Algorithms; combinatorics; graph theory; operations research.
  • COOK, William
    Organization: Johns Hopkins University
    Research Interests: Integer programming and combinatorial optimization.
  • CORMODE, Graham
    Organization: University of Warwick
    Research Interests: Streaming algorithms, big data, privacy, data analytics, data mining.
  • DE BELLIS, Valerie
    Organization: The Shodor Education Foundation, Inc.
    Research Interests: Mathematics education; interactions between affect and cognition during mathematical problem solving.
  • DRINEAS, Petros
    Organization: Purdue University
    Research Interests: Design and analysis of randomized and approximation algorithms for linear algebraic problems and their applications to data mining
  • DUFFIELD, Nick
    Organization: Texas A&M University
    Research Interests: Applied probability; queueing; telecommunications; statistical mechanics.
  • ETESSAMI, Kousha
    Organization: University of Edinburgh
    Research Interests: Automated verification; model checking; modeling and algorithmic analysis of reactive systems; temporal logic & automata; algorithms & computational complexity; probabilistic systems; game theory; logic.
    Organization: University of Tennessee
    Research Interests: Evolutionary Sociobiology, conservation medicine, epidemic preparedness, disease surveillance, behavioral epidemiology, dynamic social networks
    Organization: Yale University
    Research Interests: Theory of computation, foundations of electronic commerce.
  • FIORINI, Eugene
    Organization: Muhlenberg College
    Research Interests: Graph theory, concentrating in extremal graph theory; statistics, (with a growing interest in its applications to forensics); math education with interests in applications-based instruction, teacher preparation and professional development programs, service learning, and lesson study
  • FORTNOW, Lance Jeremy
    Organization: Illinois Institute of Technology
    Research Interests: Computational complexity theory; bounded rationality in game theory; cryptography; learning theory.
  • FORTUNE, Steven
    Organization: Google
    Research Interests: Computational geometry.
  • GARAY, Juan
    Organization: Texas A&M University
    Research Interests: Cryptography, distributed computing, algorithms.
  • GAREY, Michael
    Organization: Nokia Bell Labs (retired)
    Research Interests: Algorithms and complexity; discrete math; scheduling theory.
  • GEAR, C. William
    Organization: NEC Research Institute (retired)
    Research Interests: Numerical methods is computer vision; scientific computing; differential equations.
  • GENNARO, Rosario
    Organization: City College of New York (CUNY)
  • GUNLUK, Oktay
    Organization: Cornell University
    Research Interests: Mixed-integer programming, combinatorial optimization, multicommodity flows. Modeling, optimization and computation.
  • HABER, Stuart
    Organization: Stuart Haber Crypto, LLC
    Research Interests: cryptography, computer security, blockchain
  • HAJIAGHAYI, Mohammad Taghi
    Organization: University of Maryland
    Research Interests: Design and analysis of algorithms; networking and routing; algorithmic graph theory; wireless network design; embeddings and its algorithmic aspects; auction design and game theory; random structures and algorithms; computational complexity
  • HIRSH, Haym
    Organization: Cornell University
    Research Interests: Artificial intelligence; machine learning.
  • HWANG, Frank
    Organization: Retired
    Research Interests: Discrete math; optimization.
  • JAGGARD, Aaron
    Organization: Naval Research Laboratory
    Research Interests: Discrete mathematics, including: Theoretical foundations of network routing; Algebraic and enumerative combinatorics (especially combinatorial properties of permutations); Applications of algebra and logic to information assurance
  • KALE, Satyen
    Organization: Google
    Research Interests: Design of efficient and practical algorithms for fundamental problems in Machine Learning and Optimization; Decision making under uncertainty, statistical learning theory, combinatorial optimization, and convex optimization techniques such as linear and semidefinite programming
  • KANNAN, Sampath
    Organization: University of Pennsylvania
    Research Interests: Program checking, reactive and real-time systems, probabilistic algorithms, learning theory, graph theory and combinatorics, computational biology.
  • KARLOFF, Howard
    Organization: Goldman Sachs
    Research Interests: Theoretical computer science, with an emphasis on approximation, on-line, and randomized algorithms.
    Organization: Drew University
    Research Interests: Multivariate statistics; cluster analysis; massive data problems.
  • KHANNA, Sanjeev
    Organization: University of Pennsylvania
    Research Interests: Design and analysis of algorithms; combinatorial optimization; application of combinatorial optimization techniques to computer systems; databases; network design, and robotics; structural complexity theory; combinatorics; graph theory.
  • KHOT, Subash
    Organization: New York University
    Research Interests: PCPs and hardness of approximation; metric embeddings; lower bounds.
  • KLAWE, Maria
    Organization: Harvey Mudd College
  • KOPPARTY, Swastik
    Organization: University of Toronto
    Research Interests: Theoretical Computer Science, Discrete Mathematics, Error-Correcting Codes, Complexity Theory, Probabilistic and Interactive Proofs, Finite Fields, Randomness and Pseudorandomness.
    Organization: Avaya Labs (retired)
    Research Interests: Data Analysis and Data Mining including classification, clustering, graphics, and statistical modeling.
  • LATKA, Brenda
    Organization: DIMACS (retired)
    Research Interests: Structure theorems for tournaments, tournament classes defined by finite obstruction sets, well-quasi-orderings, and antichains of tournaments.
  • LECUN, Yann
    Organization: New York University
    Research Interests: Machine learning, computer vision, robotics, bioinformatics; data mining; digital libraries; data compression; physics of computation.
  • LEE, Jon
    Organization: University of Michigan
    Research Interests: Optimization.
  • LESNIAK, Linda
    Organization: Drew University
    Research Interests: Combinatorics and graph theory.
  • LIBERTY, Edo
    Organization: Amazon
    Research Interests: Algorithms for large scale data mining and machine learning.
  • LITTMAN, Michael L.
    Organization: Brown University
    Research Interests: Algorithmic and experimental analysis of learning for sequential decision making, game theory, probabilistic satisfiability, navigation planning
  • LOVASZ, Laci
    Organization: Hungarian Academy of Sciences
    Research Interests: Discrete algorithms, in particular, sampling through Markov chains; geometric representations of graph; Colin de Verdiere number
  • MADIGAN, David
    Organization: Northeastern University
    Research Interests: Data mining; statistical computing; Bayesian data analysis; graphical Markov models.
  • MALKEVITCH, Joseph
    Organization: York College (CUNY)
    Research Interests: Geometry, especially geometry of polyhedra, graph theory, combinatorics, discrete mathematics, mathematical modeling, and mathematics education
  • MALLOWS, Colin
    Organization: Avaya Labs (retired)
    Research Interests: Statistical theory and methods, data analysis, software reliability, moment-problems, inequalities, combinatorics, coding theory.
  • MONMA, Clyde
    Organization: Telcordia Technologies (retired)
    Research Interests: Combinatorial optimization; applications to telecommunications.
    Organization: Google
    Research Interests: Bioinformatics, inferring sequential structure, digital libraries, machine learning and data compression.
  • ODLYZKO, Andrew
    Organization: University of Minnesota
    Research Interests: Cryptography; number theory; combinatorics; coding theory; analysis; probability theory.
  • ONAK, Krzysztof
    Organization: Boston University
    Research Interests: My interests include theoretical foundations of algorithms for big data and their applications to AI and machine learning. Among many other things, I have worked on algorithms for modern parallel and distributed frameworks and streaming and sublinear-time algorithms. During my time in industry, I have also contributed to many applied projects by designing and implementing efficient algorithms.
  • OSTROVSKY, Rafail
    Organization: UCLA
    Research Interests: Cryptography; computer security; distributed protocols and algorithms.
  • PARDALOS, Panos
    Organization: University of Florida
    Research Interests: Global and combinatorial optimization; biocomputing; massive datasets; data mining; Quantitative Neuroscience.
  • PATAKI, Gabor
    Organization: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    Research Interests: Convex programming, espeocially its geometry and duality; theoretical and computational integer programming.
  • PINKAS, Benny
    Organization: Bar-Ilan University
    Research Interests: Cryptography, Privacy, Theory of Computer Science.
    Organization: Harvey Mudd College
    Research Interests: Computational complexity theory, communication networks, combinatorics, probability theory
    Organization: Dartmouth College
    Research Interests: Number theory, with applications to cryptography.
  • RAJAGOPAL, Gunaretnam
    Organization: Johnson & Johnson
    Research Interests: Computational & Systems Biology, Statistical & Population genetics and Bioinformatics.
  • RAJAGOPALAN, Sivaram
    Organization: Honeywell
    Research Interests: Cryptography; average-case complexity.
  • REIMAN, Marty
    Research Interests: Applied probability: queueing theory, stochastic control, diffusion processes; applied to broadband networking and other computer/communication systems.
  • RESENDE, Mauricio G. C.
    Organization: Amazon
    Research Interests: Combinatorial optimization; metaheuristics; interior point methods.
  • RUBIN, Avi
    Organization: Johns Hopkins University
    Research Interests: Cryptography; network security; secure systems; web security.
  • RUBINFELD, Ronitt
    Organization: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    Research Interests: Sublinear time algorithms, property testing, randomized algorithms, program result checking, computational learning theory.
  • SARAF, Shubhangi
    Organization: University of Toronto
    Research Interests: Complexity theory, algebraic computation, error correcting codes, and discrete geometry
  • SAVARI, Serap
    Organization: Texas A&M University
    Research Interests: Information theory, data compression, network coding, computing and communication systems.
  • SHEPHERD, F. Bruce
    Organization: University of British Columbia
    Research Interests: Geometric and algorithmic approximation for combinatorial optimization problems
  • SHOR, Peter
    Organization: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    Research Interests: Quantum computing; algorithms; computational geometry.
  • SILLS, Andrew
    Organization: Georgia Southern University
    Research Interests: Number theory and combinatorics integer partitions, q-series, basic hypergeometric series, the mathematics of Ramanujan
  • SLOANE, Neil J. A.
    Organization: AT&T Labs (retired)
    Research Interests: Mathematics; electrical engineering; computer science; statistics.
  • SOIFER, Alexander
    Organization: University of Colorado
    Research Interests: Euclidean Ramsey Theory; Combinatorial & Discrete Geometry History of Mathematics in the XX Century
  • SONTAG, Eduardo
    Organization: Northeastern University
    Research Interests: Control theory; mathematical systems molecular biology; artificial neural networks.
  • SORKIN, Gregory
    Organization: London School of Economics and Political Science
    Research Interests: Random structures, phase transitions, optimization, discrete mathematics, algorithms
  • SOUVAINE, Diane
    Organization: Tufts University
    Research Interests: Development and analysis of geometric algorithms with multidisiplinary applications.
  • STRAUSS, Martin
    Organization: University of Michigan
    Research Interests: Massive data sets; security; complexity theory.
  • THORUP, Mikkel
    Organization: University of Copenhagen
    Research Interests: Combinatorial algorithms and data structures.
    Organization: City University of New York
    Research Interests: Communication and information theory, signal processing, combinatorics.
  • VAZIRANI, Vijay
    Organization: University of California, Irvine
    Research Interests: Design of efficient exact and approximation algorithms, algorithmic game theory, computational complexity theory, algorithmic problems in coding theory.
    Organization: Institute for Advanced Study
    Research Interests: Complexity theory, parallel and distributed computation, combinatorics and graph theory, combinatorial optimization algorithms, randomness and cryptography, quantum computation and communication.
  • WINKLER, Peter
    Organization: Dartmouth College
    Research Interests: Discrete math; probability; theory of computing.
  • WRIGHT, Rebecca
    Organization: Barnard College
    Research Interests: Privacy, cryptography, security, distributed computing.
  • YAO, Andrew
    Organization: Tsinghua University
    Research Interests: Computational complexity; analysis of algorithms.
  • YAO, Danfeng
    Organization: Virginia Tech
    Research Interests: Information security (authentication, authorization, trust management, secure e-commerce, network security) and applied cryptography (anonymity, encryption, secure multi-party computation)