European Union (EU)
National Science Foundation (NSF)
Strategic Information Technology Workshop Program

Beginning in June 2001, a series of nine joint EU-US workshops will be held in Europe over a period of three years. Another series is planned to be held in the United States. The purpose of these workshops is to further cooperation in the area of information technology between the European Union and the United States and it is hoped that the workshops will lead to the identification of promising topics for future cooperation.

DIMACS will collaborate with the European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics (ERCIM), which is handling the EU/NSF joint workshops from the EU end, and with the Strategic Workshop Review Committee (SWRC), a joint EU/US committee responsible for advising NSF and the European Commission on cooperation.

DIMACS' role will be to gather suggestions for future workshop topics from the U.S. information technology community and to provide support and travel reimbursement for U.S. participants in the workshops held in the European Union, under support from NSF.

Joint EU/NSF Strategic Workshops
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Reimbursement procedures:
Researchers who are approved for travel reimbursement by the ERCIM organizers will receive a letter and travel allocation from DIMACS. If you have not received notification of your allowance, please contact the DIMACS Center Administrator

After your trip, you should submit the following to DIMACS:

1. original receipts
2. the DIMACS reimbursement request form
3. the Rutgers Travel Data Form.

Pursuant to NSF policies, reimbursement for airfare can only be made for flights on U.S. aircarriers. The official NSF policy, 761.2 Use of U.S.-Flag Air Carriers, can be found at

Call for suggestions:
If you would like to suggest a topic, please click here.

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