Contacting the Center

DIMACS Center/CoRE Building/4th Floor
Rutgers University
96 Frelinghuysen Road
Piscataway, NJ 08854-8018

General phone number: (848) 445-5928**(see below for specific staff information)
**Effective 6/17/13 the area code has been changed to 848

FAX: (732) 445-5932***
*** FAX area code remains 732

The Staff at DIMACS:

Founding Director:
Daniel Gorenstein
Rebecca Wright
Telephone: (848) 445-5931
E-Mail: rebecca.wright at
Director of the Department of Homeland Security Center of Excellence CCICADA (Command, Control, and Interoperability Center for Advanced Data Analysis) and also DIMACS Director Emeritus and Special Advisor to DIMACS:
Fred S. Roberts
Telephone: (848) 445-4303
E-Mail: froberts at
Co-Director for Princeton:
Robert Tarjan
Telephone: (609) 258-2087
E-Mail: ret at
Home Page:
Acting Deputy Director:
Tami Carpenter
Telephone: 848-445-4631
E-Mail: tcar at
Homepage: /
Associate Director:
Eugene Fiorini
Telephone: (848) 445-0075
E-Mail: gfiorini at
Associate Director:
Mel Janowitz
Telephone: (848) 445-0074
E-Mail: melj at
Associate Director for Education:
Joseph G. Rosenstein
Telephone: (848) 445-4065
E-Mail: joer at
Managing Director for CCICADA:
James Wojtowicz
Telephone: (848) 445-4576
E-Mail: wojtowic at
Associate Director for Business Affairs:
Louise Forman
Telephone: (848) 445-4449
E-Mail: forman at
Applications Coordinator:
Isha Deen-Cole
Telephone: (848) 445-4530
E-Mail: ishacole at
Business Assistant:
Kathleen Kuhn
Telephone: (848) 445-0584
E-Mail: kakuhn at
Center Administrator:
Christine Spassione
Telephone: (848) 445-4304
E-Mail: spassion at
Financial Assistant:
Stacey Porter
Telephone: (848) 445-4581
E-Mail: staceyp at
IMB/VCTAL/BMC/BMCI/DCI/DREI/Reconnect Program Coordinator:
Christine Spassione
Telephone: (848) 445-4304
E-Mail: spassion at
Program Coordinator:
Bidisha Nag
Telephone: (848) 445-4521
E-Mail: bidishan at
Publicity Coordinator:
Linda Casals
Telephone: (848) 445-4573
E-Mail: lindac at
Unit Computing Manager:
Walter Morris
Telephone: (848) 445-4592
E-Mail: wmorris at
Visitor Coordinator:
Isha Deen-Cole
Telephone: (848) 445-4530
E-Mail: ishacole at
Workshop Coordinator
Nicole Clark
Telephone: (848) 445-5930
E-Mail: nicolec at

General email addresses to contact Center personnel:

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Contacting the Center
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